Water wise, water saving upgrades

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Water-wise has again become a major catch-phrase due to the current long and lengthy drought which has had severe consequences to our bulk water supply. Intaba Ridge has taken this water-wise message to heart and undergone a series of infrastructure upgrades to deal with the water-crisis.

We recently completed the installation of a R 350 000 pump and pump-house to ensure that the estate's 275kl reservoir can be used for up to 5 days of emergency water supply. This will ensure that the estate can provide water to residents even if supply is cut off for up to 5 consecutive days. It also provides secure water-supplies, through drinking troughs to over 120 head of game and to our 2 latest arrivals- the first 2 horses in our newly completed horse paddock. The upgrade of the old cow-shed into horse storage and horse-box parking has started this year and should be complete within the next few months.

Two additional estate dams have also recently been clay lined, in anticipation of some much needed rainfall. This brings the total number of small dams to 5 on the estate. There is also a watering hole in-front of the clubhouse which is currently also being re-lined with clay to improve its water retention capacities and reduce the amount of water-loss in dry-spells. All these measures are being under-taken to ensure that the estate is as water-wise as possible and prepared for ay further deterioration of the water supply situation.

Author: B.Falkson

Submitted 27 Jan 17 / Views 2631