Developed by Sign Power Investments through Brendan Falkson and John Dovey, Intaba Ridge is a unique residential game estate situated on the doorstep of Pietermaritzburg, the capital of Kwazulu-Natal. The development expertise of John & Brendan, who have been involved with the development of estates including Brettenwood Coastal Estate, Forest Village, Brettenwood Lakes and Rosslyn Hub, will enable Intaba Ridge to establish a benchmark for private residential game estates in KZN.
To protect owner's investments, The Design Code and Landscaping Code are fully set-out in the Intaba Ridge Development Manual. Briefly, a simple development procedure has been formulated. Sagnelli & Virtual Architects are appointed architects and no other architects may be used without the written consent of HOA. In this case the appointed architect will ensure compliance by the other architects. All Engineers used must be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa. The Design Review Committee, established by the Home Owners Association, is responsible for the review and approval of all building, alteration and landscaping plans.

To return the area to a tranquil haven, members are required to commence construction within 2 years of the initial transfer date and must have completed construction within 1 year of commencement.