Edition 8
March 2020
In this issue...
  • BLACKOUTS AND GREEN SOLUTIONS - Bundu Power tells us all we need to know about the different options you have if you're planning on dodging load shedding this year.
  • MARISTBURG COLLEGE - Learn more about this traditional, but modern, school and all that it achieves and offers. What makes a Maritzburg College boy?
  • MEET THE FAMILY - We get to know the Schwulst family, their passion for nature and wildlife, and their love of Intaba living!
  • RAISING GENERATION Z - Mr. Simon Moore, Principal of St John's D.S.G., explains the dynamics of iGen and shares his tips on how to integrate them into the "real life" world
  • RECIPE - These homemade raisin-filled rusks will upgrade all tea or coffee breaks and will impress any South African ouma
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