Intaba Ridge completes R 2.5m security fence upgrade

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Intaba Ridge has just completed a R 2.5m upgrade to its security fence. The fence upgrade was custom designed by Mark Adams and Alarm Fencing and is one of the most advanced electric fences in KZN. 

"What made this upgrade unique was the requirement to design the fence upgrade to protect both the human & animal populations within Intaba Ridge," explains the estate developer, Brendan Falkson.

"Besides the normal security related aspects of a permiter fence upgrade for a gated estate, the fence also had to keep out poaching dogs and jackal, in order to protect the endangered Oribi and other antelope, present within the estate."

Gated estates across South Africa have gained enormous popularity, mainly on the back of increased security and security protocols, providing residents with an opportunity to experience the peace-of-mind of living within a secure environment, despite the country's high crime rate. As a result property prices and sales activity in gated estates outway those in traditional suburbs, according to a recent report conduct by Lightstone Research.

In addtition, the unique lifestyle activities often available in gated estates such as golf courses, horse riding paddocks or free roaming wildlife make gated estates a sought after investment in South Africa.

The old adage that says the 3 key criteria for investing in property should be "location, location,location", can probably be updated in South Africa to  "security, security, security."

Author: Intaba Marketing

Submitted 26 Nov 16 / Views 2570