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CARS in the Park organiser Karl Habermann said car enthusiasts do not have to worry about a three-kilometre queue for next year’s event at Ashburton.

Habermann said the Cars in the Park team went and inspected the event area early yesterday morning to plan a way around the influx of cars arriving at the venue and had found a solution.

“We figured out how to overcome the traffic issue so it will not be a problem next year.”

He said they would make the parking area bigger next year and implement better control on the road leading to the venue with a split of two entrances to help speed up the queue.

He said the response to the event was “phenomenal” and estimated that between 14 000 and 15 000 attended Sunday’s Cars in the Park.

“I think it was the biggest attendance we have had so far and we have been overwhelmed with Facebook posts, phone calls and e-mails from people who only had positive things to say.”

He said around 1 500 cars had been on display, which was 600 more cars than last year’s Cars in the Park.

When asked if Cars in the Park would be turned into a two-day event next year, Habermann said he could not comment until after a stakeholders’ meeting next week

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